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New healthcare leadership minor prepares BYU students to tackle industry challenges

Brigham Young University's interdisciplinary Healthcare Leadership Collaborative is already filling a critical gap in the healthcare industry.

‘The plan is to get them out of Afghanistan’: Inside a BYU professor’s push to help a family escape the Taliban

His classes and BYU functions offer a nice escape from the gravity of the situation, but his phone never goes on silent.

BYU professors share how news literacy connects to their field

The Daily Universe reached out to professors across disciplines of study at BYU asking why news literacy is important to them, how it connects to their field of study and why students in that program should be informed and engaged in the news.

BYU professor discovers ‘dead zone’ in Antarctica

In the history of science, there have been big discoveries and little discoveries, fantastic findings and obscure observations. But here’s a very special case: A professor at Brigham Young University is gaining attention for literally discovering “nothing.”

BYU Professor: Tree Rings Reveal We May Be In A Megadrought

Last summer and into the fall, Utah temperatures broke a lot of heat records. This spring, the trend continued, and that caught the attention of Brigham Young University professor Matt Bekker.
Professional Development Leaves

Professional Development Leaves

Professional development involves an ongoing plan to enhance professional expertise, increase creativity, and produce more proficient scholars and teachers.