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The checklist you received (or will receive) from AAVP-Faculty office is the most important one you'll need before you start work. Be sure to complete that first . (For additional copies, email a request to

Hiring Procedures

☐ Take your social security card and, if foreign, take your visa documentation to Staff Employment (D-70 ASB) to complete an I-9.

☐ Complete your contract by following the instructions in the email sent by Staff Employment.

☐ Once your contract is approved, log in to myBYU for access to class roles, completion of your W4 form, and bank account information for direct deposit.

Pre-arrival Preparation

I. Check with the department secretary on:

☐ Available office space.

☐ Class schedule and room numbers.

☐ Access to a computer and other technology support that you might need.

☐ Phone/internet hook-ups and long-distance calling code set up.

☐ Access to a BYU email address.

☐ Building and department mail-boxes/keys, after-hours access, copy machine codes, and generic office supplies.

II. Explore this website

☐ Review BYU Policy

☐ Access Human Resources on new faculty information:

☐ Take a tour of this website for other helpful information.

III. Familiarize yourself with CTL (Center for Teaching & Learning) teaching tools

Learning Suite & Learning Suite Help

Syllabus Builder

☐ Set up one-on-one training with CTL consultants if needed

First Week of Employment

☐ Get a picture ID at the BYU ID Center (1057 WSC)

☐ Download the Y app (iOS) (Android)

☐ Register your vehicle & get parking online

☐ Ask for a list of department faculty/staff phone numbers.

☐ Complete the FERPA training here (Required by law)

☐ Ask to meet with your chair and discuss any needs, questions, or concerns that you may have including:

  • Information on student evaluations and how they apply to you
  • How and when you will be evaluated and by whom
  • Ways to connect with your department (invitations to department meetings, socials, newsletters, email list)
  • Funds available for professional development opportunities, etc

Orientation Checklist for Faculty

November 19, 2019 03:42 PM