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The Faculty Center was founded in 1992 with the mission of providing quality support for BYU faculty across the spectrum of their responsibilities and over the course of their careers. Guided by the Aims of a BYU education and by the doctrine of the divine potential of all human beings, the Faculty Center at Brigham Young University values and promotes belonging, cultivates unity of purpose, and works to establish an inclusive, welcoming, and supportive environment for all faculty.

The Center serves the following three roles:

  • Support Faculty. The Faculty Center is committed to BYU faculty and to offering support throughout their careers as teachers, scholars, and citizens of the university.
  • Strengthen the University. The Faculty Center works with administrators and campus units to strengthen the university and provide an increasingly better environment for faculty and students.
  • Encourage Disciple Scholars. The Faculty Center assists faculty in embracing the opportunity and challenge of bringing faith and intellect together in their teaching, research, and other professional roles.

The Center’s programs and services reflect the following priorities:

  • Assistance with early-career challenges and opportunities, including support for faculty new to BYU
  • Sustained support for pre-CFS faculty
  • Support for the ongoing professional development of mid- and late-career faculty
  • Support for faculty serving in administrative roles
  • Assistance with implementing BYU’s distinctive mission as an LDS church-sponsored university, centered on the development of disciple-scholars