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Professional development involves an ongoing plan to enhance professional expertise, increase creativity, and produce more proficient scholars and teachers. Professional development includes a balanced program of professional leaves, reading, improvement of teaching technique, innovative course development, creative work, research, artistic production and involvement in community service and/or activity in professional organizations.

Upon returning from a Professional Development Leave, the faculty member is expected to provide a summary of his or her experience for the benefit of colleagues and other interested parties. Guidelines set forth by the department or college determine how and when this summary is to be presented.

Professional Development Leave Application

Physical Facilities Storage while on Leave

Materials related to the university's academic pursuits, such as books, class notes, equipment, computer storage, etc., belonging to BYU personnel who are on recognized leaves (including professional development) are not to be stored by departments or colleges. As an alternative to home or commercial storage, BYU Physical Facilities will provide a secure repository for these materials. Call 422-5408 for further information.

Materials must be boxed and the boxes must be labeled with the individual's name, department and storage duration, and then marked "box #___ of ___ boxes." Arrangements for boxes, labels, and pickup can be made by calling 422-2710.

Need help renting/finding a home?

The following links contain information on sabbatical homes for rent, exchange, and house sitting for the academic community.

Academic Homes
Sabbatical Homes/Sabbitix: Sabbatical Homes for Rent
Exchange and House Sitting

Online Schooling for your Children

There following online resources for schooling your children while you are on leave are accepted by Utah School:

K12 online school
Utah Electronic High School

Federal Funding Web Sites

Fulbright Scholar Program

The Fulbright Scholar Program is administered by the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars. You can access their site here or contact the current BYU Fulbright Liaison.

CIEE International Faculty Development Seminars

The Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE) International Faculty Development Seminars (IFDS) are in-depth encounters from institutions of higher education, CIEE faculty seminars are programs with an interdisciplinary focus that offer a contemporary, global perspective.

To learn more please click here to visit their website.