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Resources for Faculty Being Criticized

Supporting Faculty Members Being Criticized

In our increasingly polarized world, university faculty are too often receiving more intense or less respectful criticism. Usually this comes from outside the university, but sometimes within. Unfortunately, BYU faculty are not immune to this.

We realize such criticism can be very stressful for faculty members, as well as their concerned leaders and colleagues. To better serve BYU faculty, the University Council on Faculty Development, in collaboration with the Faculty Center, has created some resources to support both faculty and faculty leaders on campus who find themselves in these difficult situations.

The following three documents are stored in Box and should not be shared with anyone outside of the university. To access them, click on the links and enter your BYU ID and password (if prompted).

For Faculty Being Criticized: What to Do?
This is a help document for faculty members.

Supporting Faculty Members Being Criticized
This document is primarily intended for deans and department chairs.

BYU Resources to Support Faculty Being Criticized
This is a summary of the key resources on campus that support faculty members and administrators.