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What is Risk Management and Safety (RMS)? Risk Management and Safety is the university department tasked with monitoring the health, safety, environmental compliance, and insurance of the campus community. RMS has a professional staff conversant in laboratory safety, workers compensation, industrial hygiene, chemical safety, environmental protection, health and safety, fire safety, emergency management, and several regulatory compliance subjects. RMS is located in room 250 of the Fletcher Building, phone number 422-4468 or visit the web site at

If employees are injured on the job: If you or one of your subordinates are injured while on the job, an incident report should be completed by the employee’s full-time supervisor immediately after the incident has occurred. Injured employees are treated at BYU Student Health Center (SHC) or Urgent Care facilities if the SHC is closed. For more serious injuries, employees are referred to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center Emergency Room. Go to the RMS website at, click on ”Worker’s Compensation Injury” and follow the instructions. For questions, call Workers’ Compensation at 422-3610.

Report any unsafe acts or conditions: With over 30,000 people on campus, it’s pretty certain that you will observe some unsafe activities. We strongly urge you to report anything you see on campus that you feel is unsafe by calling 422-4468 or email:

Questions about emergency preparedness: The University spends significant resources to ensure the safety of the campus community in the event of an emergency whether it’s a fire, earthquake, or other natural disaster. Basic information can be found on the web site or in the yellow pages of the campus directory.

Protection from disease: Disease is all around us but there are certain precautions BYU takes in order to provide the most protection possible in a campus environment. RMS works with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the local health department to help prepare and prevent infectious disease on campus. Policy and protocol can be found at our web site.

What is OSHA? OSHA is federal agency formed by the federal government to implement the Occupational Health and Safety Act – in essence to increase the safety of the worker, which means all of the employees at BYU. There are specific laws governing the activities of employees and employers in certain work activities. RMS is tasked with working with OSHA (called UOSH in Utah) and BYU employees to provide an optimum safe work environment on campus. For questions please call 422-4468 or visit our web site.

If you work around chemicals: Chemicals have a unique set of health and safety rules that require constant vigilance. Federal law requires the university to manage the use and disposal of these materials. RMS has been given the responsibility of training, and monitoring the use of chemicals on campus. Please contact RMS at 422-6879 for any questions.

Approval for special activities: Sometimes your class may require specific activities that may present some potential hazards. Any questions or guidance to make sure these events/activities follow university guidelines and safe practices should be directed to the Risk Management Office (Fletcher Building, Room 250).

Insurance: Insurance can be a fairly complex discussion depending on the event/activity. Any questions about insurance and financial protection should be referred to the Risk Management office at 422-2797.

Environmental Compliance: A university as large and diverse as BYU has many impacts to the environment, from Clean Air and Water to waste disposal and chemical storage and inventory management to shipping chemicals via air and ground. Go to the web site for more information or contact us at 422-6452 with specific questions.

Where can I find university policies relating to safety, health, and the environment? Policies and programs relating to the health and safety of students, faculty, and employees can be found at